Stockport - Placemaking Shoot

Property + interiors + street + architecture + urban landscape photography to support a marketing campaign for a new property development scheme. 

A client commission to create a suite of photography that captures the personality and unique architecture of the Underbanks area of Stockport – to be used in a brochure and digital campaign. I approached this brief by first visiting the area without my camera, to understand the visual language of the local architecture and generally find my bearings. I knew I needed to show the area as busy as possible so I spent some time walking around and noting what times things got busier. I quickly decided that I wanted to shoot at various times of the day so that I could capture early morning footfall right through to evening food events held outside in the market square after dark. Many of the streets are narrow and winding with tall buildings on either side which meant interesting light as the Sun gets lower, so I knew I also needed to get a late afternoon shoot in. 

The brief included notes about an urban and gritty tone for the brand and that they wanted this to be reflected in my imagery along with lots of personality, unusual angles and textures (including the unique brickwork and cobbles).

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