Steve Longbottom is a professional photographer based in Manchester, UK. His clients are looking for engaging imagery across mainly outdoor genres, including landscape, location, urban and lifestyle.

Steve's work reflects his interest in exploring spaces and how we interact with them.

With a background strongly rooted in the creative industries that has given him experience on both the creative and client management side of things, he has more than just his photography to offer. Having worked at director level, both in project management and account handling, he has a deep understanding of both client and agency requirements. This helps him offer support throughout the creative and concept development stages, through to delivering effective and engaging imagery.

Working with creative agencies and designers, Steve is an effective collaborator with a desire to understand the context and story behind creative projects, to help inform his photography.

Steve is also passionate about protecting our planet. Not only does this influence his work but it also dictates how he strives to run his business.

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