Corporate lifestyle photography and office interior photography to help Avidly UK communicate their vibrant workplace culture.

Avidly are a global marketing agency who work with other businesses to help them create positive change, progress and growth. Their UK office recently commissioned me to spend a couple of days at their super-nice workspace in Clitheroe to capture some fresh work-lifestyle photography and candid shots of the team going about their days, and to try and catch an essence of their healthy workplace culture.

It's a fantastic space, with huge windows that let loads of natural light pour into the open-plan office, so straightaway I knew this was a feature that I wanted to highlight in their brand and marketing photography. The space is vast too, with room for various of breakout activities – like the pool table and gaming station – all helping create a relaxed yet professional environment for the team.

Watching how the staff moved about the open-floor office to talk to other colleagues, I wanted to capture photographs for them that emphasised the space and freedom that an environment like this affords.

Wellbeing and a healthy balance of work and play are obviously important considerations for these guys. I was sold anyway – I'd love to work in a space like this, and that's without even mentioning the incredible deli/cafe/shop that's literally next door!

As well as the candid lifestyle photography, we set up a few scenarios to show how they make use of the various breakout areas, and just this week I went back for a second day to shoot their staff headshots and get a few pickup shots.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how these new photographs look as Avidly UK roll out their new website and marketing materials.



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