Product photography of the official BCNMCR Design Event Limited Edition book. Commissioned by StudioDBD, a design and branding agency based in Manchester.

I recently photographed the official book created to support the BCNMCR design event in Manchester that brings together some of the best design agencies from both Barcelona and Manchester to share and discuss their work (too many great agencies to mention – check the link to learn more).

As you'd imagine, being a book about designers, featuring work from an incredible selection of designers from both cities, and of course being pulled together and designed by a great graphic designer, it's a nice looking book and so was a pleasure to do the product photography for it.

We lucked out with some gorgeous sunshine that day so many of the shots were taken under natural light just using a reflector to bounce some light back. But I did also bring in a single flash head off-camera to simulate the natural light for a few of the images.

Credit also to Dave at StudioDBD for the top-notch hand modelling!

Read about the event via the BCNMCR website, and if you're lucky you may still be able to get your hands on one of the last few copies.



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