Another university marketing photography commission for Lancaster University, documenting the students and their work in a learning environment and as they worked in groups across various workshops.

The School of Architecture Summer School is a design laboratory and 'hands on' learning activity where the students explore key skills and work closely with tutors on activities that are informed by the eight concerns underpinning everything they do at the Lancaster School of Architecture: Future Practice, Digital Crafts and the Climate Emergency.

I was commissioned by Lancaster University to photograph and document the four workshops to show how they encourage their students to work outside of the normal study spaces and integrate with the natural environments around them and the local community. I photographed the workshops across three days, documenting the processes and the progress across the days.

The workshops covered working with natural materials to observe how they interacted with the elements on the beach in Morecambe; assembly of bespoke panels to construct an exhibition space; working as a team to build a structure in the woods on campus, using only reclaimed materials; and exploring digital processes used in construction. Read more about the School of Architecture via the Lancaster University website.

I loved working on this project and shooting across the three days meant that I could follow the progress of the groups and show their visual journey. We lucked out with beautiful weather too, meaning I could help show off the incredible diversity of the Campus and the various facilities that are accessible to the students.



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