In the heart of the NOMA district in Manchester stands a testament to sustainable architecture: the NOMA Pavilion. As a photographer specialising in architecture and interested in interior design. But also wanting to stay true to my sustainability values and live them through my work, I'm always on the lookout for projects that can boast about their sustainability credentials. From its fully demountable timber frame to its striking charred timber cladding, every aspect of the Pavilion embodies NOMA's commitment to a greener future.



"The Pavilion has a high-performance external envelope, and energy for the building is generated via a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) array. Through this use of primarily natural materials and highly energy efficient design, the Pavilion is a showcase of the exemplary sustainability aspirations of NOMA.

The building is located on the edge of Angel Square, in the heart of the NOMA neighbourhood. The Angel Square fronting elevation is fully glazed, which provides a visual link to the landscaped Angel Square as well as allowing natural light to fill the interior spaces. This glazed façade opens out on an external break-out terrace which front Angel Square, and a series of tiered planting beds carefully deal with the level change across the site in an attractive and unique way." (SimpsonHaugh)


The winter light played a role with this shoot, casting strong shadows and creating some dramatic light. As with most architectural and interior photography projects, I returned at different times to try and mitigate the winter light and capture more balanced exposures, to allow more of the architectural character to be visible.



Architect - SimpsonHaugh
Project Manager: Gardiner & Theobald
Contractor: Bowmer + Kirkland
Furniture: Tim Denton



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