Commissioned by Stanley Square and their design partner Studio DBD, this is some of the work I created for the exciting redevelopment of Stanley Square in Sale.

Throughout 2022 I documented its journey through authentic commercial property photography, professional lifestyle photography and a short clip reel lifestyle video.

Stanley Square's transformation is a great example of creative placemaking. This approach goes beyond simply renovating a space; it's about using it to revitalise a community.

The brief: Showcase Stanley Square as a thriving destination for a diverse audience, including young professionals, couples, families, dog-owners, and established residents.

To achieve this, I captured a range of visuals:

- Placemaking Photography: Striking exteriors of the transformed square bustling with activity.
- Commercial Property Photography: Interiors showcasing the exciting new tenants and their unique spaces.
- Professional Lifestyle Photography: Candid shots of people enjoying the shops, cafes, and bars.

One challenge was ensuring the ongoing construction wasn't visible in the final shots. Another was scheduling shoots during peak times, ideally with clear skies (not always easy in Manchester!). However, the rewards far outweighed the difficulties.

Over the months, I witnessed Stanley Square evolve. New brands arrived, the aesthetics took shape, and a friendly atmosphere emerged – a unique charm, distinctly Sale. I especially enjoyed getting to know the tenants who were generous with their time.

The result is a comprehensive suite of brand photography with a short video clip showcasing Stanley Square as a vibrant destination – a testament to the power of urban regeneration and the importance of creating spaces that foster community.


I'm keen to work with more clients in placemaking and property marketing. Especially those who prioritise sustainability in their practice and projects.

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