I was recently commissioned by the emerging premium fragrance brand Sunnamusk to conduct a retail marketing photoshoot for them, showing their newly opened store in Manchester's iconic Trafford Centre.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: "Steve was fantastic to work with - immensely understanding and flexible around any planning changes or issues, very responsive to messages, and delivered stunning photographs in the end! We would recommend him to anyone looking for professional retail photography." Katie Clark, Special Projects, Sunnamusk


Sunnamusk's story is one of resilience and ambition. From humble beginnings in 2009, selling fragrances at car boot sales with an initial investment of just £600, the brothers behind the brand have built an empire of luxury Arabian perfumes. Their journey, marked by milestones like their first store in Ilford in 2010 and the transformative Westfield Stratford City tenancy in 2011, has established them as a leader in the UK fragrance industry.

Now, in 2024, they've opened their doors in Manchester, and I was approached as an experienced brand and marketing photographer in Manchester, to showcase their latest store and capture it from the customer's perspective. 




This wasn't just about capturing beautiful images; it was about conveying the brand's story, its premium positioning, and the immersive experience it offers to fragrance enthusiasts. As well as using the marketing photography to show the new store in its new context – and how it looks as you approach the space.

The new Sunnamusk Trafford Centre kiosk store has an enviable location, right in the heart of the shopping mall, meaning plenty of passing footfall. The kiosk has been designed to be in keeping with the premium and luxury feel of the branding, with digital screens on the exterior walls advertising their flagship products. But other than that it's just sleek polished glass with clean lines and modern design, highlighting the brand's logo and signature colour palette. The kiosk is open at both ends inviting passersby in to sample the luxury Arabian influenced fragrances.

I captured the kiosk within the context of the bustling shopping centre, showcasing its accessibility and inviting atmosphere. By using strategic angles and lighting, I ensured the images conveyed both the premium feel and the welcoming nature of the space.

Stepping inside the kiosk they had delicate displays showcasing Sunnamusk's key fragrance ranges, each bottle bathed in warm light to accentuate its beauty. There was an element of brand and product photography required to capture the intricate details of the packaging and the luxurious textures of their range. Wider shots showcased the overall layout, highlighting the organisation and ease of navigation for customers.

But it wasn't just about the products. I wanted to capture the feeling of being in the store. I used natural light wherever possible, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 




This project was more than just a retail photo shoot; it was an opportunity to tell Sunnamusk's story. By combining architectural and interior photography with product and marketing elements, I aimed to create images that resonated with their target audience. The final result is a collection of photographs that capture not only the beauty of the store but also the brand's journey, its commitment to quality, and its passion for creating unique fragrance experiences.



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